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“Robert has been instrumental with helping me to heal from chronic conditions I've experienced. After each session with him, I always feel a strong sense of Well-Being and Peace. Thank you Robert!!!” - Jennifer E.

“Robert helped me with my physical pain. I would definitely return to him!” – Monica R.

“I had mammograms that showed 5 spots in one breast and 7 in the other. I saw Robert the day before I went to the doctor for a biopsy. The next day when I got to the doctor there was only one spot and it was a benign cyst.” – Janet K.

“I took my four year old daughter to Robert to see if he could help her with her MD. I was amazed at the result. For the first time she engaged in activities that required her to cross the midline. Her physical thearpist was amazed at her progress” – Cindy F.

“The doctors had a meeting. They don’t understand what you are doing or how you are doing it but all their patients are reporting less pain and side effects from their chemotherapy. They would like you to keep doing it.” - Flying Colors Cancer Resource Center

“I had been taking Percocet every day for 3 years. I hurt so much it was difficult to walk and I had to use a cane. After my first session with Robert I went home, put my cane in the closet and I haven’t taken a Percocet since.” – Mary R.

“I went to Robert’s Reiki class with my wife. I didn’t really expect anything from it but I wanted to support my wife. By the end of class I was able to feel energy and use it to diagnose physical and emotional issues.” – Larry S.

“During the lunch break at a class Robert was teaching, one of the students went on a walk. She sprained her ankle and it was swollen when she got back to class. Robert worked with her for 10 minutes and I watched the swelling go completely away. After he was done she was able to walk without any pain.” – Donna E.

“One of my service dogs had a bad reaction to a drug our veterinarian gave her. She had not eaten for 3 days and had spent most of her time lying on her bed. Robert came over and did a 20-minute session with her. As soon as he finished she got up, went to her food bowl and started eating. A week later Robert came back. Pearl was much better but still a little weak. As a service dog she had to be able to jump up and open a door but she was too weak to do it. Again, Robert worked on her for 20-minutes and then we went outside to our patio to talk. A couple of minutes later Pearl opened the door and came out to join us.” – Lee N

"I had two mamograms that showed a spot on one of my breasts. Robert did a clearing session and the next time I went to the dotor the spot was gone." – Mary S