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Robert Springfield, CST, CHTP

I began my healing work in 1972 after taking a course from Jose Silva in Denver, Colorado. In the class I learned how to access my intuition to diagnose areas of energy disorder. Shortly after completing that course I had my first client, a dog named Bruce. Bruce had been x-rayed and they found 61 cancer tumors. Because of the number of tumors, Bruce had been accepted in a veterinary study at a college in Seattle. Before sending Bruce to Seattle, his owner came to me to see if energy healing would help. When Bruce arrived in Seattle he was x-rayed again and they could not find any tumors. Bruce was returned and lived a long, happy life. Since then I have done thousands of sessions, mostly with people but I still enjoy working with animals.

Since 1972 I have studied with a number of different teachers including Brugh Joy, Rosalyn Bruyere, Bruce Lipton, Carol Ritberger, Audrey Farley, Janet Mentgen, Mietek Wirkus, William David, Laurel Elizabeth Keyes, Jose Silva, Randall Baer, Sharon Wesch, Earlene Chaney, Robert Chaney and Bill Boast.

Some of the healing methods I have studied include QiGong, Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy, Radiant Heart Healing, Healing Touch, Emotional Freedom Technique, Silva Method, Past Life Regression, Bioenergy, Matrix Integration, Toning, Meridian Chakra Systems, Gabriel Magnetics, Cellular Biology, Energetic Chelation, Energetic Anatomy, Psych-K, Holographic Repatterning, Living Joyfully and Crystal Healing. In addition, intuition and spirit have guided me to learn and develop unique Awakening HeartLight and Living Joyfully methods and techniques.

Over the thousands of hours of practical application I have experienced, I have learned that one technique does not solve all problems. A hammer is a great tool for driving a nail but not the best tool for digging a hole. We are all individuals and respond best to the methods that meet our unique energy requirements. Using a combination of your expressed issue and intuition I am able to determine the best method to assist you with your issue. I have used the Awakening HeartLight Life Force Energies to help people with many issues including cancer, autoimmune diseases (Lupus, Polymyositis, MS, etc.), MD, migraines, pain, fibromyalgia, stress, mental and emotional issues.

I am an ordained multi-faith minister. I do not have a set fee for the energy work I do. This healing work is my spiritual path. I accept donations which enable me to continue to offer this service to everyone. Typical donations are $60 to $100. Some people donate more, some donate less. No donation is required. A typical Awakening HeartLight session is 45 minutes to an hour. I also offer distance work over the phone or through video conferencing.

I am the co-author of “Living Joyfully” and “Reiki for Our Modern World.”

Healer’s Prayer

May I be open to receive the Creator’s guidance, help, protection and illumination.
May I accept that the Creator’s divine plan and motivating power for the universe is love.  We are all blessed by the Creator’s incredible gift of unconditional love.
May I be humble and aware of my limitations.  True healing comes from the Creator.  I am but a willing instrument of the Creator.
May I always strive for the highest good and accept that only the Creator knows what the highest good is.
May I always be aware that I am helping a human being, not healing a disease. 
May I grow in light and leave the darkness behind.
May I help others find the true light they are.
May I help to bring peace, love, hope and joy to the world.
May I be used as a blessing and a friend to life.